FCS is a solution designed to the efficient planning of production activities and the optimal distribution of workload among resources.

Increases the reliability of delivery times. Synchronizes supplies and production. Reduces interference level. Improves productivity and reduces the level of stress among staff. Efficient management of changes. Plans internal and/or external production. Optimizes finite/infinite capacity resources. Make-To-Order, Make-to Stock or Assemble-to-Order environments. Great visibility of the WIP. A-T-P tool. Plan comparing tool. Bottleneck analysis.



The goal of FCS is to program production orders distributing the workload among the resources able to do it.

FCS is useful:

• For internal and external manufacturing.

• To plan finite/infinite resources.

• To plan make-to-stock/make-to-order.

FCS advantages:

• The resulting due dates are more reliable.

• Changes are managed efficiently.

Primary functions.

• Finite Capacity Scheduling.
It schedules the production orders taking into account several restrictions: setup and run times, serial/parallel routings, alternative machines, components restrictions, … Finally a Gantt by machine is shown.
It’s the main function of the application and it’s executed at the start up.

• Drag & drop.
It allows moving an operation in the Gantt to another machine or datetime.
FCS ensures consistency of the plan after the movement, by verifying that any restriction is broken.

• Machine load.
It shows a list of operations assigned to the machine. Columns: production order, item, start time, end time, quantity, etc.

• Available to promise.
Returns a reliable due date for a needed quantity of a product, without pushing away any existing operation.

• Mark production order.
It shows all operations of a production order in black color, linking each operation with the next. It’s useful to get a quick and global look of a production order.

Contributing functions

• Modify capacity.
FCS allows the user to modify the capacity of machines in specific dates. This is useful in case of: maintenance, breakdown, overtime, …
Capacity can be modified directly by moving individual capacity bars in the Gantt, or can be modified from the “Modify capacity” form. In this case user can apply changes to multiple machines and dates.

• Modify times.
Setup, run, move and wait times can be modified for specific operations, for simulation purposes. Send-ahead quantities can be also modified.

• Gantt print.
The result of the planning can be printed in graphical way.

• Undo.
When user changes the plan in any way (drag & drop of operations, capacity or times modification, etc.), FCS keeps in memory the previous plan. It’s possible to undo the 5 last changes.

• Plan comparation / analysis of changes in the plan.
This functionality allows comparing two different plans: the plan currently in memory, and a plan saved previously to disk. The planner can compare and analyze times and delays of individual production orders, and can check the impact of the changes.

• Operation split.
It’s used to divide the quantity of an operation in “n” parts. Then each part can be planned separately in different machines or dates.

Roadmap & Versions

The actual version is NAV 2016.

Next planned version is:

NAV 2017

Tide integration of code into NAV.New way of data interchanges between the planning and the NAV data. The old way of interchange through flat file is maintained for debugging purposes.

Compatibility with former versions  is available.


If you are a final user send an e-mail and we’ll find a partner close to you.

We sell through partners only.

We provide free support to partners via e-mail.

We offer remote or alive demos under quotation.


  • English
  • Swedish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Czeck
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish


All versions from 2.01 to the actual (Sept/2013) NAV2013, are supported.

If you need to try the actual version of FCS with any ancient version of Navision Financials, please send an e-mail and we’ll send the correct FOB to you.


Both native and SQL are supported.

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